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Blue Water Spa Aesthetic Laser Center in Raleigh NC
Laser Hair Removal For Men in raleigh NC

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Blue Water Spa serving Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Surrounding Areas

The GentleLASE® Plus is equipped with a DCD (dynamic cooling device) that makes the treatment both comfortable and safer to the skin than other hair removal lasers.

The GentleLASE® Plus targets the root of the hair so specifically that it not only eliminates very dark and course hair, but it is the most effective technology for the removal of fine hair and even hair with a light brown root.

The GentleLASE® Plus is significantly faster than older laser hair removal technology. This laser uses an 18mm spot size (about the size of a quarter), while older laser technology uses a much smaller spot size. The larger spot size, coupled with more hertz (what makes the laser go), means a full back can be treated in less than 15 minutes.

Laser Hair Removal Services

LHR – Consult
LHR – Upper Lip
LHR – Chin
LHR – Upper Lip & Chin
LHR – Nose (exterior)
LHR – Sideburns
LHR – Between Eyebrows
LHR – Forehead
LHR – Ears
LHR – Back of Neck
LHR – Front of Neck
LHR – Underarms
LHR – Line Below Belly Button
LHR – Hands
LHR – Toes
LHR – Feet & Toes

LHR – Woman’s Lower Face
LHR – Woman’s Full Face
LHR – Woman’s Full Arms
LHR – Woman’s Arms: Hand to Elbow
LHR – Woman’s Full Tummy
LHR – Woman’s Areolas
LHR – Woman’s Full Breasts
LHR – Woman’s Lower Back
LHR – Woman’s Full Back
LHR – Woman’s Buttocks
LHR – Woman’s Thighs
LHR – Woman’s Legs: Toes to Knees
LHR – Woman’s Full Legs
LHR – Woman’s Traditional Bikini
LHR – Woman’s Brazilian Bikini
LHR – Woman’s Full Legs & Bikini
LHR – Woman’s Full Legs & Brazilian Bikini
LHR – Man’s Beard
LHR – Man’s Full Arms
LHR – Man’s Arms: Hand to Elbow
LHR – Man’s Chest
LHR – Man’s Abs
LHR – Man’s Chest & Shoulders
LHR – Man’s Shoulders
LHR – Man’s Back
LHR – Back & Shoulders
LHR – Man’s Buttocks
LHR – Man’s Thighs
LHR – Man’s Legs: Toes to Knees
LHR – Man’s Full Legs
LHR – Man’s Traditional Bikini
LHR – Man’s Brazilian Bikini
LHR – Man’s Full Legs & Bikini
LHR – Man’s Full Legs & Brazilian Bikini
LHR – Charge to Shave Back


Blue Water Spa provides services in all areas of aesthetics including laser hair removal for men. If you would like to be rid of unwanted hair, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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