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Because people have inquired, we are sharing our protocols for cleanliness. We invite you to sterilize your phone while receiving a service at Blue Water Spa,. The health and safety of our staff and guests is our highest priority. We are proud of our cleaning protocols and we’d like to share them with you.

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These protocols have been on place for over a decade. Scroll down to see new changes.

We are an accredited establishment and strictly follow all CDC guidelines to prevent infection in our spa/ambulatory setting.

In addition to following all CDC guidelines –

  • All employees are offered and given free flu vaccines on site, during flu season
  • All staff are trained in universal precautions/bloodborne and respiratory pathogens, and certificates renewed annually
  • The Spa follows strict universal precautions when handling all patient linens and uniform coats
  • The Spa employees wear personal protective clothing and single use personal protective equipment when performing medical procedures
  • Patients are encouraged to stay home and are sent home, if they present with signs or symptoms of infections – We are a medical facility with no sick visitors!
  • Children are not allowed to accompany an adult to the spa

1) Any device that is in touch with the skin is either a single use disposable, or it is sanitized in an autoclave.

2) Our facility is professionally cleaned Every Single Day. With antibacterial and anti-viral cleaning products. If you arrive very early, you may see our cleaning crew led by Sean and Eric onsite.

3) Treatment tables and chairs are covered with disposable paper and / or cleaned after every single use with CaviWipes that are are tuberculocidal, bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal.

4) Blankets, sheets, and wraps are professionally cleaned after a single use.

5) Waiting area seating designed to be safely cleaned and sanitized with Cavi Wipes.

Changes we have made

Phone sterilizers available for staff and guests. Please feel free to sterilize your phone while waiting for a service!

In the waiting area, we had a few upholstered chairs. They have been replaced with chairs that can be cleaned and sterilized with Cavi Wipes.

We have placed additional hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the spa for both staff and clients.

Staff members clean phones and computer keypads with antibacterial and anti-viral wipes before and after each shift.

We have always been extremely proud of our cleanliness protocols. The minor changes we have elected to make are an extra step that might make our clients and patients feel more comfortable.

CoronaVirus and Covid19 are concerns for residents of Raleigh NC and beyond. We want to assure you all that we have the most stringent protocols in place to protect our guests and staff from any illness. Because of our established cleaning and safety protocols, we are well prepared during times of concern. So please. come in, enjoy a service and let us sterilize your cell phone.

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