Help the The Salvation Army of Wake County
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Help the The Salvation Army of Wake County

Save Hundreds, or even thousands with a donation to The Salvation Army of Wake County Help Manage the CoVid-19 needs in our community and save on services at Blue Water Spa.

The Salvation Army is prepared to assist with food, shelter and possibly childcare.
Please donate Online. Keep your receipt as proof of donation.!/donation/checkout

Donate to Salvation Army and Receive Discounts from Blue Water Spa  It’s that easy, we don’t take your $, we just need to see a proof of donation.

Donate Online to receive any of the following special offers

$10 to Salvation Army of Wake County
Receive $20 off any facial treatment, hydrafacial, peels, microderm, etc.

$20 to Salvation Army of Wake County
Receive $40 off any laser service, or Botox of 15 units or more

$40 to Salvation Army
Receive $100 off any Filler, Emsculpt

Receive $200 off Coolsculpting a series of 4 or more Emsculpt, or 1 FREE EMSELLA    with any service of $250 or more.

Fine Print:
With each donation, you may receive a single discount. With multiple donations, you may receive multiple discounts. 1 discount per treatment

So, for example, donate $100 and receive $20 off 10 Hyfdrafacials, Or donate $1000 and receive $200 off 3 CoolSculpting and 4 Free Emsella Treatments with a purchase of 4 services at $250 or more. But, a $20 donation, or two ten dollar donations will not be eligible for $40 off a Hydrafacial.

Promotion ends April 15 2020. Purchase by April 15, 2020. Services can be used through Sept, 15, 2020

Yes, you may buy in bulk and use at a later time. Please do, Salvation Army needs help NOW.

Please call 919-870-6066 or text (919) 739-3910 with any questions

Thank you all – all of you wonderful clients. Together we have built a nursery for homeless infants, we’ve built a library for at-risk youth, provided, hundreds of thousands of meals to children and families in need, helped to get women out of human trafficking, given abused women a new start in life and so much more. We can help with this too. Today. Let’s Help!

Thank you all so very much!

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