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ABC Eyewitness News 11 (February) 2004

OrganizationMini-Makeovers without the Knife
By Angela Hampton

If you’d like to look younger, but aren’t ready for an “extreme makeover,” you now have more options than ever – from botox injections to new lasers that erase imperfections. Now we look at mini-makeovers with major results.

Blue Water Spa
Michael Law, MD Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Last year alone, more than 5 million non-surgical cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S. People who want to look refreshed without a face-lift are opting for smaller treatments that are safer and more effective than ever before.

Forty-something, Sandy Ratte is ready to reverse some signs of aging, but she doesn’t want surgery. So, she’s come to Blue Water Spa in Raleigh for less invasive treatments. “That is what has appealed to me… that I don’t have to go into surgery, I’m not going to be put under, I don’t have to worry about stitches or anything like that. A few days and I’m gonna look refreshed, I’m all for it.”

Aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Law says more and more of his clients want to take “beauty” baby steps. “Formally, patients would typically have plastic surgery or not, and now there are a number or less invasive and some non invasive measures that can really make a big difference.”

Medical microderm abrasion exfoliates the face, removing dead skin cells so anti-aging treatments, like a facial peel made with Vitamin C and Green Tea can better penetrate the skin.

“Photo-modulation” is a new treatment. The light stimulates collagen and elastin production and shrinks pores. To soften fine lines around her forehead and eyes, Sandy gets botox – the most popular cosmetic procedure available. And finally, collagen injections for fuller lips.

So how much of a difference can a mini-makeover make?

Sandy is thrilled! “If anybody is ready to get a little youth back, I totally recommend collagen and botox.” And Dr. Law says the other treatments left Sandy’s face smoother and clearer.

Believe it or not, she’s not wearing foundation. She’s showing her skin and Sandy says she’s almost overwhelmed. “I can’t even put into words really how I feel. It’s that good. I feel that good.”

Altogether, Sandy’s treatments cost just under $1000, and she’ll need another round of botox and collagen in several months. But she says these treatments were much easier and cheaper than plastic surgery.


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