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A Letter from Amaris

(COO) of Blue Water Spa since 2005

I’m Amaris Balkus, and I’ve been part of the incredible team at Blue Water Spa since 2005. Can you believe it? It’s like a second home to me! I’m so excited to share a bit of my journey with you through this blog. 

Here’s 3 fast facts about me:

1) I’m not just the COO; I’m also a client! I can’t wait to chat about the amazing results and speedy recovery. 

2) I’m all about keeping it real and looking natural. So, I’ll show you all of the reasons why I fell in love with Dr. Law’s work and philosophy for his cosmetic surgeries.

3) This blog is not all about work for me—I’m on a personal quest for confidence that goes beyond appearances. 

Get ready for an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into my favorite treatments, beauty tips, and secrets. I’m here to help you become the best version of yourself, both inside and out. Don’t miss out on this insider’s journey to beauty!

Here’s a sneak peek into some upcoming blogs:

** “Unlocking Radiant Skin: The Science Behind Microneedling for a Glowing Complexion**

**Filler – How is it that most team members at BWS have filler, but no one has duck lips or overfilled cheeks?**

**My Tummy Tuck – The secrets that had me back to work in less than a week after surgery.**

 **Laser Hair Removal – The procedure demystified.**

Can’t wait to share these moments with you! Stay tuned for some beauty talk and a whole lot of heart.


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Amaris Balkus, Chief Operating Officer

like ‘Glamorous

Meet Amaris Balkus, a woman who wears multiple hats with grace —a dedicated wife, a loving mom, and the Chief Operating Officer(COO) of Blue Water Spa and Blue Water Plastic Surgery Partners since 2005. Contrary to the typical image associated with plastic surgery, Amaris embodies a natural and authentic beauty that reflects her intentional choices in the next chapter of her life.


Amaris with daughter Jordan,
Actual Patients of BWS

The Next Chapter

After becoming an empty-nester, Amaris made the conscious decision to prioritize herself and make this next chapter of her life the best it could be. This commitment to personal well-being includes a thoughtful approach to her appearance, a journey affectionately termed “Amaris 2.0” by those close to her.

Her motivation for this transformation goes beyond appearance; it’s about feeling great and embracing newfound energy and confidence. Even her husband has noticed a positive change in her. In her own words, “I’ve always felt good about myself, but after my daughter was married and it was time for the next chapter, I thought about what I wanted. Helping others has always been a priority. But taking a little extra time for myself and my appearance has made me feel great.”

Amaris’ Goal as the COO of Blue Water Spa

With nearly two decades of experience at Blue Water Spa, Amaris is a testament to the spa’s philosophy that it’s the provider, not just the product,that makes a difference in aesthetic services. She playfully reminds everyone that Botox doesn’t inject itself, emphasizing the importance of highly trained providers in achieving the desired results.

Beyond her personal journey, Amaris has played a pivotal role in Blue WaterSpa’s success. With a focus on ensuring guests receive personalized treatments from well-trained staff, she has contributed significantly to the spa’s reputation for safe and effective procedures resulting in a natural-looking appearance.

In summary, Amaris Balkus is not just the COO of Blue Water Spa; she is a testament to the transformative power of intentional choices, self-care, and the pursuit of one’s best self. Her journey exemplifies that beauty, when approached with authenticity, brings out a genuine radiance, defining true beauty from within.

Stay tuned for more details as Amaris unfolds her journey and experiences in the world of beauty and well-being.

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