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Beverly Hills Facial at Blue Water Spa

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The Beverly Hills Facial is a Blue Water Spa designed facial that is exfoliating, relaxing, firming, and deeply hydrating. The power of this treatment is the galvanic current safely applied to the neck and face. The specialty mask feeds the new cell structure, firms and refines skin texture, minimizes bacterial growth and boosts the healing process. The Beverly Hills Facial is ideal right before an event when you want to look fabulous.

What is galvanic current?

For decades, galvanic current has been applied medically to assist in healing of bone, muscle, ligament and various tissues. The Beverly Hills Facial uses a very low intensity current, a milliamper. A positive galvanic current facilitates in the penetration of water soluble solution mixtures into the dermis. Such penetration contracts and stimulates muscle fibers, stimulates cellular reproduction to increase collagen and firm the skin, decreases inflammation, and creates a germicidal effect reducing bacterial growth.

How Often Can I Have a Treatment?

The treatment is so safe that you could have it done every day if you choose to. Your medical aesthetician will determine the frequency of treatments necessary for your skin type and desired results. Most patients prefer to have at least one treatment per month. The galvanic facial is safe for pre and post laser and surgical procedures to boost the healing process.

Who can have the Beverly Hills Facial?

The Beverly Hills galvanic treatment does have some contraindications. This facial cannot be performed on patients with epilepsy, hemophilia, infectious diseases, pacemakers or any other electrical equipment in the body or metal sutured in the chest and head region.

Patients struggling with acne, inflammation, dry and tired skin are all excellent candidates for the Beverly Hills Facial. The moisture infused during the facial mask is water based so it will not congest the pores or cause breakouts. Often problematic skin is dehydrated and in need of moisture, either because the patient is afraid to hydrate the skin thinking that it will lead to blemishes, or because of over-drying acne products. The Beverly Hills Facial will nourish and plump dehydrated skin, allowing the skin to function properly and look smooth and healthy. Sun sensitive skin will love this treatment as well because of the soothing properties. This is safe to use on post sun skin or patients using retinols or acids.

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