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Posted by admin on  November 25, 2019
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The much-anticipated HydraFacial has come to Blue Water Spa, and I have been so excited to try it at long last! I’ve had a great experience with every skin care treatment I’ve received at Blue Water Spa, with my favorite facial being the heavenly MicrodermaBliss. I’d heard so many amazing things about the HydraFacial from friends who have received the treatment, raving about how their skin was glowing afterwards and how their pores never felt so clean. As someone with oily skin that is prone to pore congestion, I couldn’t wait to see what wonders the HydraFacial would work on me.

I had been doing research on the HydraFacial before going in for my treatment and was curious to see how it worked. The HydraFacial is performed using “vortex-fusion” technology. The different applicator tips on the machine allow for several functions during each phase of the facial: exfoliations, extractions, and the delivery of a nourishing serum to the skin. What most interested me in learning about this machine was its ability to vacuum blackheads out of the skin—and HydraFacial’s promise that these blackhead extractions would be painless. As much as I’ve always loved my clear, post-extraction skin after other facials I’ve received, I can be kind of a wimp when it comes to the pain of extractions (especially on my nose!).

I had my HydraFacial with Laura, one of the expert Skin Care Specialists at Blue Water Spa. She began by gentle cleansing my face, which instantly relaxed me. Once my skin was clean, it was time to turn on the HydraFacial machine. Laura dotted the applicator on my face to moisten my skin and then started the first phase of the facial: exfoliation. Being the fan of microdermabrasion that I am, I was familiar with the sensation of the applicator during this phase. It felt very similar to microdermabrasion, creating a rough sensation on the skin that tingled a bit but was not painful. The vortex-fusion applicator of the HydraFacial machine allows for the exfoliating solution and a hydrating solution to be delivered simultaneously to the skin, making the exfoliation process very comfortable.

After exfoliating my face, Laura explained that she would next be applying glycolic and salicylic acids, like a light peel. Applying these acids after exfoliating the skin allows them to start dissolving build-up in the pores. This part of the HydraFacial also made my skin tingle a little bit, but I was still comfortable.

Next came the phase I had been waiting for: those magically painless extractions! Laura tested the applicator on the back of my hand first to show me what it would feel like. It was like a tiny suction cup. She began the extractions on my face, starting with my chin. So far, so good—this extraction process really was painless so far.

I was still a little bit nervous about my nose, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. As Laura passed the applicator along my nose, I was thrilled to learn that HydraFacial’s promise was true. These extractions really were painless! I had never thought that extractions would be my favorite part of any skin care treatment, but HydraFacial made clearing out my congested pores an absolute breeze.

After Laura completed the extractions, she moved on to the third and final phase of the HydraFacial, switching out the applicator tip to apply an antioxidant and peptide serum to my skin. The blend of nutrients in the serum is extremely nourishing for the skin and delivers intense hydration. It felt incredibly soothing, especially considering the dry, colder weather we’ve been experiencing this November.

My skin felt so refreshed and clean after we finished my HydraFacial treatment, but I didn’t understand just how clean it was until Laura showed me what had been extracted from my pores. That’s right—you can actually see all of the oil, dirt, and pollution that the HydraFacial machine extracts! It was so, so satisfying to see exactly how effective those vacuum extractions were.

Laura ended the HydraFacial by applying sunscreen, an important step to protect post-treatment skin. I looked in the mirror to check out my clean new pores and was so thrilled with what I saw. Not only had my pores never looked so clear before, I had also never seen my skin glow like this! I’d been feeling a bit dull over the past few weeks in the cold, cloudy November weather, but the HydraFacial completely revitalized me, giving me radiant skin.

The day after my HydraFacial, my skin was still glowing. My pores still looked amazing, and my skin felt so plump and firm. I am thrilled with my results and haven’t been able to stop telling my friends about the awesome treatment I received. No matter what skin type you have, the HydraFacial works wonders and leaves you with beautiful, glowing skin!

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Laser Hair Removal: Here, There, Everywhere

Posted by admin on  May 18, 2017
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closeup of a woman's legs and feet wearing black shoes

For many people, hair removal is quite an embarrassing ordeal. Since the invention of the razor blade, being hairy has been out of fashion, except maybe the sporting of a well-shaped moustache or beard. For a long time, shaving and waxing have been the only options for reliable hair removal, each with their own benefits and downsides. The results of shaving are short-lasting and can cause ingrown hair while waxing requires the re-growth of hair to take place before the treatment can take place. In both cases, the results are not permanent, resulting in a never-ending painful cycle of hair removal.

Laser hair removal treatment offers a much less painful alternative to hair removal compared to waxing. While it requires a few sessions, the end result is permanent, so you can wave unwanted hair goodbye for good. And the best news is that it can be used to remove hair from, well, everywhere.

Unwanted hair from any of the body can be treated with the lasers at Blue Water Spa. The most common hair removal spots for men are the back, chest, legs, sideburns, hands, abdomen and shoulders. Women often elect to have hair removed from face, legs underarms, areolas, feet, and forearms. Both men and women are interested in laser hair removal of the bikini area. Brazilian bikini laser can be customized for exactly what each person is looking for.

Hair removal is also common among athletes and bodybuilders. Cyclists and laser hair removal go hand in hand. Swimmers also enjoy being hair-free. Many body builders want to be completely hair free. Athletes often complain that old-fashioned methods of hair removal take a lot of time and effort. Laser hair removal treatment takes the hassle out of hair removal for athletes. Many athletic men and women are now opting for laser hair removal to take care of their hairy problems.

Perhaps the most interesting cosmetic laser removal treatment involves the bikini area. Both men and women request bikini hair removal. Sometimes it’s just for the area outside of the bathing suit and other times the client wants to remove every single hair in his or her nether regions. All of these options are available with laser hair removal. It’s all up to the client, since there is no area of the body that laser hair removal can’t reach.

Men and women have been using alternative hair removal techniques like tweezing, waxing and hair removal creams for decades. Why is laser hair removal a better option? Not only can laser hair removal remove hair from literally everywhere on the body, it also has a long lasting effect. After a sufficient number of sessions, the client will be hair free pretty much forever. What’s more, laser hair removal is much less painful than waxing.

Laser hair removal is the modern answer to hair removal. With technology evolving all the time, the options for hair removal are pain free and virtually endless. There’s no reason to struggle with dull razor blades and the painful waxing of difficult to reach areas. What’s more, laser hair removal is a lunchtime procedure, meaning that you can go back to your normal daily activities straight after the treatment. While you might need between five and eight sessions before all unwanted hair has been successfully removed, an ethical physician owned and operated laser facility will allow you to pay per session so that you don’t have to go for unnecessary sessions.

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Michael Law MD Among Top Influencers in Plastic Surgery

Raleigh, NC– March 25, 2017 – Plastic Surgeon Michael Law MD is one of 100 doctors worldwide to receive the RealSelf 100 Award, a prestigious award honoring the top influencers on RealSelf—the most trusted online destination to get informed about elective cosmetic procedures and to find and connect with doctors and clinics.

Michael Law MD Receives RealSelf 100 Award For Enduring Commitment to Consumer EducationMichael Law MD Among Top…

Posted by Michael Law MD Raleigh Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgery in Raleigh NC on Sunday, March 26, 2017


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