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Celebrities have long been touting the wonders of Brazilian hair removal. In recent years, hair removal styles “down there” have changed. The “totally bare” is still quite popular, but many women, and even men, are opting to have some hair in the front, or what we call at Blue Water Spa the shrubbery. But, the thing that makes people feel so clean, so silky and provides a different sensation during intimacy can still be accomplished while keeping some hair up front.

Apparently, the newest grooming style is the “full bush Brazilian” in which women maintain as much hair, in whatever style they want in front, and are totally bare from butt crack to labia. It’s being described as “‘having it all’ for pubes” and “kind of a pubic reverse mullet of pubes” and, finally, “removal of the undercarriage, the peri-anal area and the thong line, between the cheeks”.

Some celebrities and others are still waxing instead of lasering. That may be because a professional waxer comes to their home with a wax pot used exclusively for the single person, not a COMMUNITY pot. Although double dipping is illegal. There is no way to enforce this rule. If one person does it just once, every person treated from that wax pot in the future is exposed.

Laser is the best thing you can do, in my opinion. You don’t have a source of infection, like with waxing. The hairs just fall out of the follicles, so you don’t have ingrown hairs. A waxing treatment literally pulls the hair follicle out of your root, which can ruin the little tunnel that guides your hair from the roots to the surface of your skin and cause a (gulp) permanent ingrown hair. Obviously that doesn’t always happen, but fun fact: Lasers can actually get rid of ingrown hairs while waxing can cause them to appear.

Lasers offer a more permanent solution to hair removal than waxing or shaving, so you don’t have the constant maintenance. Laser hair removal eliminates stubble, ingrown hairs and irritating red bumps. After laser hair removal, you no longer have to worry about shaving or waxing before you put on a swimsuit or skimpy little panties the area is always smooth.

Let’s start with terminology when it comes to the bikini area – There are basically 4 areas of treatment when it comes to the bikini area

  1. Outside the bikini
  2. Front – or what we fondly call shrubbery
  3. Middle or undercarriage
  4. Back, or thong line, from peri-anal to inside the cheeks

A woman can decide to have any or all of the hair in any of these areas removed. You can be bald as the day you were born, maintain something in front, but have a sleek undercarriage and thong line. It’s up to you.

The laser hair removal providers are Blue water Spa are professional, discreet, patient and warm. They are also very well trained and well informed. They will use a diagram with you prior to the beginning of treatment to be sure they have a clear understanding of your goals. A white colored eyeliner crayon can actually even be used to outline the areas in the front so they know where you want to laser and where you don’t.

Additionally, many women are very uncomfortable about hair in other areas of the body. The buttocks (cheeks) lower back, areolas and tummy are areas where many, if not most women have unwanted hair. Many women are uncomfortable inquiring about these areas because they think there is something unusual about hair in these areas. Our goal at Blue Water Spa is to continue providing safe and effective laser hair removal for our clients in a pristine, comfortable and discreet environment. We also want people never to feel embarrassed about asking for hair removal in these areas. It’s what we do all day, every day.

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