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Cannula vs Needle for Facial, Lip Filler Injections

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What Is A Cannula For Facial Filler Injections?

At Blue Water Spa in Raleigh NC, cannulas are used for facial filler injections. A cannula is a thin tube that resembles a needle that can be used to insert or remove fluids. Its difference from a needle is that a cannula has a blunt tip and is usually longer than a needle used for dermal filler injections. Both of these characteristics are benefits for choosing a cannula for cheek, chin, jawline, and lip filler in Raleigh.

How Does A Cannula Work Vs A Needle For Facial Filler?

For starters, a cannula is a safer, more effective way to administer filler with little to no bruising and little to no swelling. Because of this, the cannula method tends to be a less painful experience than fillers done with needles only. A cannula has a blunt tip and cannot pierce the skin. An initial entry needle is used to create an injection site. Then, the cannula is used to enter the injection site and perform the filler injection with an appropriate cannula. A cannula is a little larger than a needle that’s not as sharp and bends. Those two properties allow for a much safer treatment because when inserting it underneath the skin, if there’s a vessel that is in the way, the cannula, being blunt-tipped, will bounce off the vessel instead of piercing it, which is why you have less bruising. Less trauma equals less bruising and less discomfort. Many of our patients who have had lip filler before had written off lip filler because the pain was too much. Once they experienced our cannula method they were ecstatic and couldn’t believe they’d endured so much pain in the past with regular needles, beauty doesn’t have to come at the cost of pain!

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Cannula For Facial Filler Injections In Brier Creek?

Using a cannula vs needle for dermal filler injections has several benefits.

  • Less facial bruising
  • Safer injection
  • Requires a highly experienced nurse injector
  • More comfortable for both patient and injector
  • Precise injection of filler

When Do People Start Looking Overfilled?

Less Facial Bruising After Facial Injections:

Cannula for lip filler injections and all facial fillers can help prevent and reduce excessive bruising. While a needle quickly pierces the skin, it can also quickly pierce anything it comes into contact with below the skin’s surface. When veins are punctured, bruising occurs. With a blunt tip cannula, experienced nurse injectors can feel when resistance is met by a cannula. This allows the nurse injector to slightly maneuver the cannula to avoid risk of puncturing what may cause bruising.

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Safer Injection Of Dermal Filler At Blue Water Spa:

A cannula is longer than a typical facial injection needle. This allows the Nurse Injector more control of the instrument to precisely inject filler to each patient’s specific needs and facial anatomy. It also reduces the amount of injection sites needed.

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Requires A Highly Experienced Nurse Injector And Nurse Esthetician:

Using a cannula vs needle for facial injections is an advanced technique. At Blue Water Spa, our Aesthetic Nurse Injectors receive extensive training and experience also in the operating room with Dr. Michael Law. Our experienced nurse injectors are highly skilled in this technique to provide the most precise and comfortable facial injections for patients. At Blue Water Spa, our Expert Nurse Injectors inject all day, every day. Not 25% of the time, but 100% of the time. They truly develop an expertise in facial fillers, and neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport to name a few, because they spend their days seeing patients with different skin complexions, different ages, and different goals and helping these patients determine which is the best treatment for them. When other nurses have too many roles it’s hard for them to have expertise in just one area. Now, this doesn’t mean our nurses don’t cross-train. They do know how to perform duties in other departments, but it is not where they spend the most of their time.

When Do People Start Looking Overfilled?

More Comfortable For Both Patient And Injector:

Our cannula technique provides comfort for the patient with less injector sites. During their facial injection appointment, they will experience fewer needle injections. Additionally, because the cannula technique prevents excessive bruising, patient’s will experience less downtime post appointment often due to pain, bruising, or swelling. The discomfort level when using a cannula is far less because of the amount of times you have to enter the skin.By residing out of the tissues and rather than having short bursts of penetration through the skin, it makes it much more comfortable.

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Precise Injection Of Dermal Filler:

Because the longer cannula vs needle allows more precision for an experienced injector, it takes a more patient hand. With cannulas, our Nurse Injectors are able to see exactly where they are injecting. This is in contrast to the use of needles where there can be a large degree of visual obstruction. The visual obstruction is due to a number of variables including the needle being short and extremely close to the skin as well as the actual needle weight distorting tissue appearance. Just like a brush does not make a painter successful, our Nurse FIller Injectors are true artists of their craft and master of their tools. At Blue Water Spa, we do one superficial needle stick to get through the surface of the skin before we place the cannulas. There’s a time and a place for needles too, but cannulas are great to put fillers into the temples, into the tear troughs, into the cheeks, into the nasolabial folds, along the jawline, into the marionette areas, and of course, the lips.

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