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Community Appreciation

At Blue Water Spa we are proud and privileged to be a part of this vibrant, growing and caring community. We want to show our appreciation for those of you who give not only your monetary resources, but also your time, energy and expertise in support of our community, our neighbors and our environment.

Michael Law, M.D. and his wife Kile learned the importance and rewards of giving from their parents. They grew up witnessing the commitments and the sacrifices their parents made for their families, for others, for the community and for the good of the world at large. Their parents were rewarded immensely for the work they did, but, as is true for many with careers in public service, there were not significant financial rewards. The impetus for Blue Water Spa offering special pricing for people who make a difference in the community is a means for the owners to honor their parents and acknowledge the wonderful work that they have done.

Community Apprecation        Community Appreciation        Community Appreciation        Community Appreciation

Dr. Law was raised by his parents, Reverend Thomas Law and Gay Law, a nurse. The Laws still live in Raleigh near Saint Paul’s Christian Church where Reverend Law was pastor for 30 years.

Kile Law was raised by her mother, Gail Lee. Mrs. Lee was a schoolteacher for 48 years, electing to work the last 20 years of her career in the inner city of Los Angeles. She retired at age 70 and moved to Raleigh in 2002 to be near her daughter and family. She passed away in November 2008. Her father, Charles Lee, served his country and community by serving in the U.S. Air Force and by working as a law enforcement officer.

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