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CoolSculpting Works!!! – Raleigh, NC

“I was skeptical to have my CoolSculpting® treatment but excited as well. I had read a lot of info and it seemed people were getting great results. I decided to go to Blue Water Spa for the CoolSculpting Complete and I am so glad I did! Serenity was the ultimate professional from beginning to end. She explained everything at my consultation and then gave me the treatment I have not had any pain to speak of – I started to notice results after only 4 weeks. The vibrating plate and the garment really added to my overall experience and I am thrilled. Thank you Blue Water Spa for CoolSculpting Complete, now I am looking forward to taking my kids to the pool!!”

Best CoolSculpting® Results at Three Weeks! – Raleigh, NC

“A little more than three months after the procedure, I took my “after” shots at the doctor’s office. They emailed them to me today and I am shocked by the results. I guess because the change was so gradual, I didn’t realize how dramatic it was overall! I am so pleased! I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

CoolSculpting in Raleigh Review

“Overall, I think I was the ideal candidate for this procedure. I was not really overweight by any means. I had stubborn, post-baby pudge that I could not get rid of. I exercised and ate relatively well before the procedure, and I still do the same now. I’m thrilled that those fat cells are dead and gone!”

34 Year Male with Trouble Areas – Raleigh, NC

“So I workout daily, I’m on a very strict diet, and I work on a treadmill all day…. I was a fat kid and I work hard now to stay in shape ?? I found I could diet down and get very lean but I struggled maintaining muscular size by getting very lean. I had my lower abdomen/flank area treated and I’m happy!”

CoolSculpting® before and after images are amazing

“At 15 weeks I went back to Blue Water Spa where I had the original treatment done to have them take pictures…I wanted to make sure someone else saw what I did. Did they say that 20% of the fat cells would die? They lied. Mine was closer to 35-40%! Crazy. I had them do another lower treatment (big applicator) plus they did a half price upper abs since it was such a small area. I can’t wait to show the after pics of the second treatment too. Enjoy!”

Free CoolSculpting

“The only reason I did CoolSculpting at Blue Water Spa was because it was free. I won it at a charity event. And, by the way, Blue Water Spa is an extremely generous organization. Any, I had CoolSculpting® in Cary at CoolSculpting medspa there and I had no results. So, when I went to Blue Water Spa, I wanted to find a CoolSculpting alternative. After speaking with the CoolSculpting technician, Lisa, she convinced me to give it a try. She told me that CoolSculpting® is technique dependent and that an experienced CoolSculpting® provider can make all the difference. She thought I was a good candidate, so I gave it a try. I was skeptical, but my pants started to feel looser at week 3. By 6 weeks after, even other people started seeing the difference. My love handles were almost gone. I was so happy with my CoolSculpting® result that I then had my lower abs treated. My three months photos are amazing, and on their website. The results are amazing.”

Best CoolSculpting® Treatment in Raleigh

“I underwent CoolSculpting® at BWS and I love the results. I am 50ish, post menopausal and have accumulated fat in areas where it will not decrease with eating healthy, running, weight lifting and various other exercise. At this point, I have had four procedures in two separate sessions with the help of Lisa who guided me through the pre-treatments, treatments and post-treatments. She prepared me well for what would occur afterward. I experienced tenderness, a little swelling, no bruising and some cramping, but was given a prescription that helped elminate most of those issues. I also wore the compression garment religiously and felt less of the after effects because of that. Four months after CoolSculpting® my upper and lower abdomen – I am thrilled with the results. I nearly have a flat abdomen. I admit that I cheated at the gym due to work/other commitments and eating all the wrong things during stressful times, but still obtained fantastic results. I recently returned for a second session, having my lower abdomen (a second time) and my love handles Coolsculpted. It was a brreeze. No swelling, brusing and very little tenderness. I am excited see the changes I undergo in the next few months. I also attended an open house at BWS and purchased the best mineral makeup I’ve ever used. And, I won a gift certficate for a CoolSculpting®. So, I highly recommend that you visit the open houses at the spa…meet the staff…take advantage of all the wonderful services they offer during that event…and enjoy the results you’ll achieve like me.”

“I visited BWS to have coolsculpting done. Not only was Sam a delight to deal with, she made extra efforts to made sure I was comfortable. A month and a half later I am extremely pleased with my results! Pay no attention to reviewers who troll just to complain about their own misconceptions and poor assumptions. Make an appointment for a free consultation and you won’t be disappointed. I did.”

Best CoolSculpting Treatment in Raleigh area

“A friend referred me to Blue Water Spa and first I looked at their website and knew I liked this place. I have had most of the spa and laser treatments they offer, and when the time comes for plastic surgery, I know I will go straight to Dr. Law. I am hooked on laser hair removal after spending way too much time, money and pain on waxing for 15 years. In less than a year I have very little growth in the areas I’ve been getting treated. The girls I see tell me when to come back to keep up with the hair growth cycles and their machines are stronger than older ones at some places that don’t work as well. I just had my second cool sculpting treatment on my belly fat and I already see a reduction. I am going to get my love handles done next so MAYBE I can wear a bikini this summer-I haven’t done that for years!! Now I am referring my friends to Blue Water Spa for facials, laser, BOTOX®, and cool sculpting. My friend who I referred to Bethany for BOTOX® told Bethany about a girl she knew who went somewhere else and had BOTOX® that made her look like a caveman. Bethany immediately knew what that other injector had done wrong.”

“I went back to Blue Water for CoolSculpting® on my ‘bra rolls’ on my back. They have new applicators and it was so much more comfortable and faster. The coolsculpting room is in the new part of the building and it is very clean and upscale. The whole entrance is redone. Sam did my coolsculpting and she was really helpful and friendly. They still gave me the compression binder and vibration therapy treatments at no extra charge. I also got free BOTOX® with my treatment so Melissa did my forehead and it’s so smooth. She was really fast and painless and she definitely knows what she’s talking about. I’m glad I came back to do my bra rolls.”

Best CoolSculpting in Raleigh– Raleigh, NC

“So it’s been a month and I’m doing well and starting to see changes after CoolSculpting®.. I didn’t take pictures, but I am feeling a difference in my waist. It is crazy! In a good way.”

CoolSculpting® testimonial in Raleigh

“I love the results I got when I did my abdomen at Blue water Spa ! Such a quick and easy treatment.”

CoolSculpting® Review in Cary, NC

“CoolSculpting® to wedding prep is key!”

CoolSculpting Reviews Raleigh NC

“I did this on my lunch hour at Blue Water Spa and got amazing results!”

“I had it done and it really is no down time and fat cells slowly get flushed from your body so it seems natural rather than gone all at once. Nobody has to know you had ‘help’ if you don’t want them to.”

High-end service and quality

“I’ve had several treatments from laser hair removal to CoolSculpting to BOTOX®. My current treatment is microneedling with a chemical peel added on. It is getting rid of my acne scars and making my skin flawless and dewey. The facility is bright and beautiful, very clean. This is the Neiman Marcus of medical spas.”

CoolSculpting Review

“After three years the results have been great. What’s crazy is that I have gained a few pounds since the treatment, but not in the area I got treated! That stomach pooch never came back and my love handles have also not expanded. I’m not sure if that is because the treatment truly killed those fat cells permanently, but that would make sense.”

CoolSculpting® results are permanent

“I had only one treatment on my love handles and stomach, and more than three years on, the results have lasted.”

Two months – elated with results

“It’s been a little over two months and I am so happy with my results. My stomach is flat, and the love handles have definitely gone down. Of course, I should count my blessings, but I would love for the love handles to go down a little bit more. Also, please keep in mind, that my diet and exercise have stayed the same. So I believe I can attribute these results to CoolSculpting®.”

It’s been about five weeks now since CoolSculpting

“It’s been about five weeks now since CoolSculpting® my lower abs and my love handles. My stomach pooch is just about gone. I couldn’t get another procedure done here…not enough pinchable fat. I am now noticing my love handles going down. Less pinchable fat in this area. I am so happy with the results thus far!! If my stomach were to stay as is, I would be very satisfied…but it’s still early, so there may be a little more shrinking to go. My love handles still have a little ways to go. There’s still some muffin top over my pants…but still much better than before!”

Review of Coolscupting at Blue water Spa

“Came home tonight to my special man saying “wow babe! That freezing thing you did really worked!””

Raleigh CoolSculpting® Review

“I’m 39. No matter how much weight I lose, I still have that dang pudge on my lower abs. I’ve lost 83+ pounds and I’m as close to my ideal body weight as I can but DARN THAT PUDGE! I read all of the reviews – I selected Blue water Spa because they have the best photos, the most experienced providers are they are owned by a doctor who is onsite. It was a great decision. It took several weeks before I saw a change, but the changes are significant and permanent!”

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