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Cosmetic Surgery News (February) 2004

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Creates Fuller Lips Permanently, Safely and Painlessly

Cosmetic Surgery News (press release from EMediaWire)

Natural looking full lips and elimination of wrinkles safely, painlessly and permanently with no allergy test. Performed by Michael Law, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon in Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) February 2, 2004 — Dr. Michael Law is one of the few physicians in the country successfully performing autologous fat transfer. The procedure uses a patients’ own fat, carefully injected droplet by droplet by a skilled plastic surgeon. This technique will allow the fat to develop its’ own blood supply, which is why the result is permanent.

Extensive training is required to master this technique, and specialized equipment must be used. It is the ONLY safe and permanent method for augmenting the lips. The results are very natural looking and can add a youthful fullness to any area of the face. A long-lasting, but temporary result can be acheived using large particle no-test pure collagen.

Dr. Michael Law has moved his Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice back to his hometown of Raleigh, NC. “I have always loved Raleigh” says Dr. Law, “now that I have a family of my own, I wanted them to be here. I want my son to experience all the wonderful things I experienced growing up here. I miss my practice and patients from Beverly Hills, but it is wonderful to be back home.”

Dr. Law can provide information on all materials used for lip augmentation and wrinkle elimination including Restylane, Perlane, Artecoll, Radiance, cosmoderm 1, No-test collagen, and others. Dr. Law will only use materials that are proven to be safe and effective.


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