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Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor, Non-invasive Options for Vaginal Rejuvenation, Urinary Incontinence, and Vaginal Tightening at Blue Water Spa in Raleigh

Blue Water Spa provides many non-surgical options for physique enhancement and tightening procedures that are non-invasive such as Emsella, also known as: “the kegel throne” or “vagina gym”, Coolsculpting for elimination of fat, and EmSculpt for building muscle and burning fat. All these procedures help ensure you’re fit everywhere, not just abs and glutes, but also the muscles of your pelvic floor.

Vaginal rejuvenation was a term that was often associated with aging. However, with more recent studies that focus on women’s overall health- especially after having babies, pelvic floor strengthening has become a top priority and a topic of discussion. But, before diving into why Emsella is a high patient satisfaction and transformative treatment, let’s discuss your pelvic floor.

Why Pelvic Floor Strengthening Matters

New technology that targets urinary incontinence and pelvic floor strengthening, has opened up the discussion of women’s health after having babies, and the natural course of aging. Your pelvic floor is made up of muscles and tissues that help support the function of urination, bowel movements, sex, pregnancy, and labor. It keeps your bladder, intestines, and organs in place. Therefore, your pelvic floor plays a critical role in your anatomy.

Because your pelvic floor is made up of muscles, these muscles can weaken after giving birth vaginally and with the natural course of time. Exercising these muscles with kegels is one way that a woman can strengthen this area. This is where the Emsella comes in, the Emsella treatment does the kegel exercises for you.

Pelvic Area

Some patients have mentioned that Emsella serves as months worth of pelvic floor physical therapy, because of the amount of perfect kegels performed in a short time frame.

What is Emsella?

Emsella is a treatment for the entire pelvic floor. This HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, which is electromagnetic stimulation, is in a chair that the patient sits on, known as the Emsella Chair. This vaginal rejuvenation treatment, causes stimulation to the deep pelvic floor muscles and restoration of the neuromuscular control. The Emsella Chair is good for women and men who want more control in their pelvic floor region and for the treatment of SUI, in addition to other pelvic floor related disorders. The electromagnetic stimulation can create 69 hours of kegels in a 28 minute treatment. Kegel exercises are recommended by gynecologists to maintain the health of the pelvic floor.

A strong pelvic floor means a tighter vagina and enhanced sexual pleasure for a woman and for her partner. Many of our patients report that they and their partner can notice a difference after a single treatment, although a series of treatments is usually indicated. The Emsella Chair is ideal for women who have delivered vaginally, are looking for vaginal tightening, and have issues with stress incontinence. Strong pelvic floor muscles can eliminate or prevent stress incontinence, which can happen when you exert pressure on your bladder causing a urine leak. For example: an involuntary urine leak can happen by either coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, or lifting something heavy. A strong pelvic floor can prevent these unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing experiences. A single Emsella treatment is equivalent to 11,000 perfect Kegel’s.

Emsella, known as a ‘lunch time treatment’ is a total of 28 minutes for the treatment in which your clothes stay on, and most importantly, there is no downtime, so you can get right back to work after your session.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Emsella Treatment?

  • Women with involuntary release of urine (incontinence), especially during stress, coughing, sneezing (also known colloquially as ‘peezing’) or laughing, or when lifting something heavy
  • Women who experience decrease in sensation and stimulation during intercourse
  • Women who notice that tampons usually slip out easily or during intercourse, partner slips out easily
  • Women who experience “gas-like” sounds from their vagina during intercourse or “popping” sounds while walking, or an “airy” sensation when first waking up
  • Men looking for a solution to urinary incontinence. Since weak pelvic floor muscles can be an underlying cause for erectile dysfunction, some men experience improved sexual intimate health after Emsella

Watch How Emsella Really Works

The Thermiva Procedure, Mona Lisa Touch, Femilift, and Other Treatments for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Many options exist for women interested in vaginal rejuvenation. The term vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term that can be used to encompass several procedures for vagina corrective treatments such as appearance or tightening.

For vaginal tightening, which is desired by women of all ages, who are looking to keep the vagina fit and firm, there are an endless amount of new treatments.

Just the sheer number of devices to address vaginal laxity is an indication that this procedure is in-demand. Below are just a few devices designed to tighten and rejuvenate the vagina:

  • Thermi-Va
  • Mona Lisa Touch
  • Femi-Lift
  • DivaCO2re Intima
  • FemTouch
  • Viveve / Geneveve
  • IntimaLase
  • UltraFem360
  • Votiva
  • LVR Laser vaginal Rejuvenation

Most of these non-surgical procedures use laser energy from a CO2 laser, or radiofrequency. And some of these procedures have significant downtime. Some other devices promoted for vaginal rejuvenation have been reported to be ineffective, uncomfortable, and in some cases may cause some serious side effects.

How Do I Know Which Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment is Right For Me?

Blue Water Plastic Surgery and Blue Water Spa did not jump on the vaginal rejuvenation bandwagon. The devices we investigated all seemed less than ideal. Emsella was not new technology. But the concept was very different from any other technology available. Emsella is a sophisticated device, but the concept was simple: strengthen the pelvic floor. At Blue Water Spa in Raleigh and Brier Creek, we will always schedule a complimentary consultation prior to your first Emsella session to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Emsella is the same technology as Emsculpt, which builds muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves and arms. After Emsculpt, patients report better muscle definition, and enhanced athletic performance. Similarly, the Emsella treatment provides muscle tone and tightening to the pelvic floor enhancing performance. In Yoga, the pelvic floor is referred to as the root chakra. In Pilates, engaging the pelvic floor muscles are important as these muscles serve as the foundation for the core of the body.

Emsella Near Me

The Emsella procedure is painless and free of side effects – you will most likely experience some tingling and be able to feel the contractions of your pelvic floor, but there is no pain or discomfort. The treatment is comfortable. An Emsella treatment does not create an urge to urinate, nor does it create any sexual stimulation during treatment.

The most common contraindication is metal implants in the body. For patient comfort and safety, we do ask that patients remove jewelry and metal accessories during an Emsella session. Please also avoid wearing clothing on the lower body with zippers during your Emsella treatment. Belts, belly button piercings, and any other piercings in the abdominal or pelvic area must be removed prior to the treatment.

Once you leave our office, you can return immediately to your daily activities with no restrictions and no downtime required. The treatment paradigm consists of 3 different phases. The phases consist of an intense stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles (PFM), which consists of stimulation and relaxation. The repetition of the phases and focused electromagnetic energy delivery leads to pelvic floor stimulation, adaptation, and remodelation. The recommended course of treatment with Emsella is two sessions per week for three weeks, for a total of six sessions. Some patients see a decrease in symptoms after one treatment, and results will continue to improve with each session. Of patients treated with Emsella, 67 percent reduced or eliminated the use of pads for urinary incontinence, and 95 percent reported a significant improvement in their quality of life.


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