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Express Peel By Blue Water Spa

The Blue Water Spa Express Peel uses a custom blend of hydroxy acids to heal, brighten, and aid in collagen production. The formulation can be custom created to effectively treat acne, aging and/or unwanted pigmentation. Our wide range of chemical peels serve different purposes and can be customized and even layered to target specific needs for each patient. Your medical aesthetician will evaluate your skin and find the right blend for your needs. We work closely with our chemists to ensure our clients can enjoy the latest in skin care developments. The results are smooth skin with a clear and youthful glow. Mineral makeup can safely be applied immediately after chemical peels and most patients do not experience peeling. Treatments can be repeated every two to four weeks for continued improvement.

The Express Peel is a “no frills” treatment. It is designed for people on the go. No extractions or massage are included in this treatment. Areas like chest, hands, elbows or even knees can be added to this treatment for a nominal charge and a short period of time.

The Express Peel can be a great starting point for a person who hasn’t been giving their skin the attention it deserves. It can also serve as a wonderful “boost” for people who want multiple treatments to get their skin looking its very best in a hurry.

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