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COVID-19 Cleaning & Safety

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Is Blue Water Spa a Medical Spa? Who owns the business?

Blue Water Spa is owned and operated by board-certified plastic surgeon Michael Law MD who practices onsite. Dr. Law and his partner, plastic surgeon Dr. Alexandra Schmidt oversee the safety protocols of the spa with their team of medical professionals. Dr. Law’s wife, Kile Law is co-founder of the spa and she is involved in the oversite of non-medical issues.

How have the cleaning protocols Of Blue Water Spa and Blue Water Plastic Surgery changed since this pandemic?

Our protocols have been industry leading for many years. For more than a decade, our facility has been professionally cleaned every single business day, our linens are professionally laundered and anything that touches your skin is single use and disposable or sterilized in our autoclaves. There are no carpets or rugs in patient areas and all furniture is designed to be sterilized between each guest. What has changed is that we now share placards to show our guests that all areas have been disinfected between clients.

A very significant change is the introduction of a disinfecting procedure that provides a dry mist to every corner or every room each night after closing. This mist kills bacteria and viruses including Covid 19 and Sars. We have employed a special crew of professionals to oversee the cleaning and nightly disinfection of our facility.

How is the Guest Experience Different

New protocols include a no-touch check in system that allows patients to manage check in electronically. Our single story facility allows our guests to park in pour private parking lot and be escorted through our facility to their treatment room without being in a public lobby or even touch a door handle. We ask that guests wear mask as they enter the building and throughout their visit.

Are all procedures available?

For the first stage of our opening, we will not be introducing spa services like facials and lash treatments. The extended time where providers and clients are face to face is something we will put off.

We have never, nor will we ever offer waxing or paraffin. Community pots of wax. It is impossible to keep shared post of wax sterile. Likewise, we have never offered artificial fingernail treatments as they have been shown in scientific studies to chronically harbor disease-causing organisms. Likewise, staff members are not permitted to wear artificial fingernails.

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