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BOTOX® Before & Afters

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina and serving patients in Fayetteville, Clayton, Wake Forest, and all of North Carolina

At Blue Water Spa/Michael Law MD we have surgeon-trained, expert nurse injectors that are the ideal medical professional to perform BOTOX® injection. The nurse injectors at Blue Water Spa/Michael Law, MD only inject neurotoxin injectables and dermal fillers.

Glabellum- Between the Brow

BOTOX® can be administered just below the lateral aspect of the eyebrow to produce a temporary lateral brow lift, which opens up and brightens the eyes. This is also known as a non-surgical brow lift.


Areas of the face that respond well to BOTOX® include lines around the eyes (crow’s feet), vertical frown lines between the eyebrows (furrow or angry look), and horizontal lines on the forehead (worry lines).


In some instances, BOTOX® can be used to soften vertical upper and lower lip lines, to reduce muscle bands in the anterior neck, and even to elevate the nasal tip. BOTOX® can also achieve a “lip flip”, which is a subtle enhancement of the cupid’s bow and a less dramatic change than filler. Other “lower” face injections from BOTOX® Cosmetic include the depressor anguli oris (or DAO’s) which pull down on the angle of the mouth, which can make you look like you have a sad or frowning face. BOTOX® can turn that frown upside down.

BOTOX® for Men

Men are asking for stress-relief, and spas like Blue Water Spa of Raleigh, NC, are listening. Gone are the days that a man would walk into a spa and there would be looks of shock from other guests. At Blue Water Spa we not only offer BOTOX® for men, men make up approximately 40% of the clientele.

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