How to Choose a Spa for a Gift Certificate
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How to Choose a Spa for a Gift Certificate

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Gift Card

Spa gift certificates are becoming more and more popular and are right at the top of holiday wish lists for both men and women. Spas offer stress-relief, pampering, and results. Spa gift certificates are a wonderful way to show friends, family, employees, or the one you love, how much you care. A gift certificate to an upscale day spa says you want them to feel their very best and give them the stress relief they deserve.

When selecting a spa gift certificate, consider the following:

1) Your First Impression Counts — A LOT
You should be greeted on the phone by a real person. Upon arrival, you should immediately be greeted by concierge staff. The environment should be relaxing, gorgeous, a new, or newly remodeled, contemporary atmosphere with privacy. If you can’t visit the spa in person, take a virtual tour.

2) Therapists – Get the Best
Everyone has to start somewhere. But, you don’t want them to start with you. At Blue Water Spa, all of our skin our professionals and massage therapists have a minimum of five years of experience, with an average of ten years of experience. You want a spa with loyal therapists who stay committed to the spa. At Blue Water Spa, our employees receive a Louis Vuitton bag at their ten year anniversary. We are currently shopping for a fourth Louis Vuitton bag. Blue Water Spa staff are treated with respect. They are loyal, happy and dedicated.

3) Do Therapists Ever Leave the Room During a Treatment?
Blue water Spa therapists never leave the room during a treatment to see a second client in another room or take a break. Sadly, this is common practice in many spas.

4) Be Sure the Spa is Immaculately Clean
Is the spa professionally cleaned every night?
Is all equipment in contact with the skin sterilized with a medical autoclave?
Are linens all professionally cleaned? There is no substitute for an immaculately cleaned spa with daily professional cleaning and professionally cleaned linens.

5) Look for Attention to Detail
Fresh flowers are a must. If a spa has silk or plastic flowers, do you really trust them with your face or body?
Is all equipment in perfect working order?
Is the building maintained properly- are all light bulbs, etc. Is the towel warmer or heating pad not working? Are products not fully stocked?

6) Stability of the Business
Does the spa own or rent their space?
Owning space is an indication of stability and commitment to community.

7) Is the Spa Dedicated to Community Philanthropy?
Blue Water Spa supports more than 200 local charities and non-profits each year. Blue Water Spa has donated more than $170,000 to Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County, over 150,000 pounds of food to the Interfaith Food Shuttle, planted more than 110,000 trees and provided funds to build a nursery for homeless infants at the Raleigh Rescue Mission.

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