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Thank You

Dear Blue Water Spa Clients,

Thank you so much for your loyalty and generosity. Because of YOU Blue Water Spa donated more than $100,000 to The Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County in 2011.

When I first visited the Wake Forest Boys & Girls Club, I was moved by how engaged the children were in the activities. They were happy and confident, and they looked like they felt at home. Growing up, my brother and I were “latchkey kids.” After school we had no supervision or direction. My brother started using drugs as a teen. His life was full of pain and regret, and he died too young. My brother was my only sibling and I adored him. I miss him every day of my life. I believe a Boys & Girls Club could have saved my brother. I know they save kids like him every day. This is why I am passionate about the Club’s mission.

With each donation, you gave hope to children. The average donation from Blue Water Spa clients in 2011 was $37.11. Some people may not think that $37.11 can make a significant difference. But Blue Water Spa clients and staff have proven that when people who care get together, we can make a HUGE difference.

In addition to supporting Boys and Girls Clubs, Blue Water Spa clients donated over 10,000 pounds of food to the Interfaith Food Shuttle in 2011. In 2010, we donated 100,000 pounds of food to the Interfaith Food Shuttle – ten cans at a time! In 2011 we have planted more than 20,000 trees through Trees For the Future and we have supported more than 100 deserving charities and non-profits in the Triangle.

I am deeply grateful to each of you for your loyalty to Blue Water Spa and for your generosity to the children of our community. In 2012 Blue Water Spa will offer more opportunities for you to help children in our community and enjoy spa savings.

The Blue Water Spa Family and The Law Family wish you a safe and very happy New Year.

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