Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Guarantee

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Follow these helpful tips when seeking out sessions for a laser hair removal guarantee you can trust.

Avoid salespeople.

At Blue Water Spa, consultations are provided by Physician’s Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. And, not everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal. If you aren’t – we will tell you. Our providers do not work on quotas or commission. Your laser hair removal consultation is a time for you to learn about lasers. Not a sales pitch and no pressure.

Never go for gimmicks that do not prioritize quality over quantity.

Offers like, unlimited laser hair removal, “Same Day Deals” or “One Day Only” deals may sound great for your wallet, but they do not prioritize the safety of your treatment as they attempt to guarantee a result even before a consultation.

Laser Hair Removal Financing May Not be Your Best Option

Signing up for pre-approved laser hair removal financing can commit you to a service you are not happy with. When getting a price, get the actual price per treatment, not a vague monthly price. With pay-as-you-go pricing at Blue Water Spa, clients come back because they have great results. Not because they have a binding long term contract.

Ask about the physician who owns and operates the practice.

Laser hair removal is a medical treatment. But too often, instead of an evaluation from a medical professional, prospective laser patients are met with a salesperson who presents an aggressive sales pitch. That sales pitch might sound very attractive. Imagine, laser hair removal at just $48 per month, with a lifetime guarantee. But, you must act today! This is a story we have heard many times at Blue Water Spa. The $48 per month will end up being a cost of $3000. The same areas, treated at Blue Water Spa, might be less than $300 for complete clearance. You will pay as you go, and will not overpay for treatments you don’t need.

Appointment Availability for Laser Hair Removal Raleigh, NC

We hear that once patients are “locked in” to a contract, finding available appointments is a challenge. Salespeople are available at all hours of the day, but the lasers themselves are not available. At Blue Water Spa, we have a variety of lasers for hair removal for dark skin tones and light to medium skin tones with a full staff of laser providers available to serve our patients. Now that we’ve discussed how not to get ripped off, let’s address the efficacy and safety of the lasers.

All lasers are not created equal.

We pride ourselves in always having state-of-the-art technology, but even the best lasers require expertise to find the appropriate settings for each person. We provide safety, experience, and results.

Laser hair removal guarantee depends upon eligible candidacy.

Not everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal. Medical professionals should discuss laser safety and efficacy and a physician should own and operate where laser treatment is being performed. This all sounds quite obvious, but medical spas are a popular franchise, like a sandwich shop or a carpet cleaner. Many of these franchises rely on a physician who “oversees” multiple locations while practicing as an emergency room physician three hours away. What’s the point of having a physician owner, if they are never around when you need them?

Always look for price transparency. Take your time. Don’t rush your decision. Ask questions. If you feel rushed or pressured, walk away.

Laser hair removal can be a wonderful, life changing experience. It should be performed in a medical facility supervised by experienced and certified professionals. Pricing should be transparent with appointment availability that suits your schedule.

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