Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ
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Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

Laser Tattoo Removal Raleigh Blue Water Spa | Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs

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Do you accept clients who had prior unsuccessful removal sessions elsewhere?

For laser tattoo removal in Raleigh at Blue Water Spa, we are more than happy to see clients that have had prior unsuccessful removal treatments elsewhere. When coming in for your first appointment you will see not only a laser technician with years of experience removing tattoos, but will also meet with one of our registered nurses to discuss your goals moving forward with tattoo removal.

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Is red ink harder to remove with laser tattoo removal?

All colors in tattoos present challenges, luckily the Picoway laser that we use has a wavelength specifically designed to remove red ink. The 532 wavelength is used to help remove red, orange and yellow tattoos. This allows us to treat clients with all different tattoos, both in black ink and all colors of the rainbow.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

It is known that laser tattoo removal is not the most comfortable process. However, here at Blue Water Spa we are able to provide our clients pain relief using a Zimmer chiller and ProNox. A Zimmer chiller allows us to cool the skin prior to treatment, which in result makes the treatment more bearable. ProNox is a 50/50 mix of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide that provides a safe and effective way to help ease pain and anxiety throughout your treatment. It has a quick onset to take effect in seconds, and it also has a short duration of effect, which means that it clears from the body within minutes. With these two tools we are able to make laser tattoo removal a much easier treatment for clients than prior experiences.

What color is the hardest to get rid of?

We can remove tattoos of all sizes. You can call us to make a consultation appointment where we will go over your prior medical history, look at the tattoo and make recommendations for treatment based off your personal removal goals. If you are comfortable moving forward, we can even start with your first treatment on the same day.

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Do you use numbing cream or a needle for starting laser tattoo?

We have found that over the counter numbing creams and injectable agents are ineffective for pain reduction during tattoo removal. Instead of these methods we offer the use of the Zimmer Chiller and ProNox while having treatment performed. Our clients have stated that these methods are sufficient in pain reduction and make the process much more tolerable.

Does laser tattoo removal always work?

We have found that treatments will vary. Laser tattoo removal in Raleigh with the Picoway laser is safe for all skin types and can break down most inks. However, all tattoo artists use different inks, which are not regulated by the FDA. Due to this, some tattoos and varying ink colors can be difficult to remove and may require more than an average amount of treatments. We will not know how well the laser performs on each individual tattoo until the treatment process begins.

Does laser tattoo removal work for dark skin?

The lasers at Blue Water Spa are safe for all skin tones and types. Even the darkest skin can be treated safely and effectively with laser tattoo removal. We use specific lasers that are designed to bypass the surface of the skin and target the pigment in the tattoo without damaging the surrounding tissue. We regularly treat people with the darkest skin types for all laser procedures including laser tattoo removal.

What causes all the blistering?

Throughout your treatment we will discuss the expected side effects that you will experience during the healing process of laser tattoo removal. It is a normal side effect for blistering to occur. After your treatment we will place post laser balm and a bandage over the area. We recommend treating the area as you would while originally healing the tattoo. Keep the area clean and moist with laser balm or Aquaphor while having a clean bandage covering it. Most people will experience redness and scabbing over the course of 5-7 days. Any blistering that occurs should not be ruptured as it could lead to infection or scarring. The great benefit about choosing Blue Water Spa for laser tattoo removal is that we are staffed with nurses and physicians that can provide medical insight if you believe that you have an issue with your treatment.

How many sessions do people usually need? How much does it cost?

We typically recommend 8 to 13 sessions to remove a tattoo. However, we have seen results in as little as 4 sessions. The amount of treatments needed is based on a magnitude of factors. Some of these variables include the ink color, depth of ink, scar tissue around the tattoo and theplacement on the body. We cannot promise that a tattoo will be completely removed in a specific amount of sessions. Some people only want to fade their tattoo in the hopes of covering it up with something else. These individuals will likely need less treatments than someone who is looking for complete removal. Our prices as Blue Water Spa are based on the size and color of the tattoo, please see our social media, website, or schedule a consultation to discuss the pricing per session to remove your tattoo.

If you have some white mixed into your tattoo can it still be removed?

The laser that we use in the spa looks for pigment. Since white ink does not have the same components as colored and black ink it is not possible to remove.

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What about color tattoos?

We can remove all colored tattoos! As previously mentioned, some colors, such as blue, green and yellow can be more difficult to break down. This means that you may need more treatments to reach your required goals.

Is there such a thing as “too dark” of a tattoo that can be removed?

No! We can remove any tattoo regardless of how dark it is. However, because every tattoo artist is different and uses different pressure to tattoo their clients, some can be more densely packed with ink than others. This can make it much more difficult for the ink to break up which may require more treatments to completely get rid of the tattoo.

What is the down time in between sessions?

Our clients should wait 8-12 weeks between tattoo removal sessions. This allows for the area to completely heal and to see the full results of the previous session before moving to the next one.

Can we see more colors you’ve removed and some successful lightening?

We try to take before and after pictures of our clients throughout their treatment process. You can see before and after pictures of actual patients from Blue Water Spa on our website or social media. We are also more than happy to show you before and after pictures when you come in for a laser tattoo removal consultation.

How hard are cover ups to remove?

I have one cover up on my foot, would it take longer since it’s a cover up?Cover-ups are not impossible to remove. However, because the area is typically more saturated with ink it is more likely that it will require more sessions to completely remove.

Are tribal tattoos hard to remove?

Tribal tattoos have the tendency to be more ink-dense than typical outlines or shading. This can cause more of a challenge to remove and will more than likely take many more sessions. However fading will occur throughout the process.

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