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What is a lash lift?
Lash Lift is a safe and comfortable process, that provides an elegant curl and dark tint to your own lashes without extensions. Enhance your natural lashes with a simple service that is virtually maintenance free. Results last for up to 8 weeks!

How does it work?
Lash lifting works by softening and then strengthening your natural lashes. During your treatment safe and fast acting creams are applied to your natural lashes. Your lashes will be lifted, curled and tinted while simultaneously strengthened, conditioned and hydrated.

What is the difference between eyelash extensions and a lash lift?
During an eyelash extension treatment, we add lashes to your natural lashes. For the lash lift we curl your natural lashes. No lashes are added.

What to expect after your treatment?
After treatment we recommend patients wait at least 24 hours before getting their lashes wet or applying mascara.

How long do results last for?
Results last for 6 to 8 weeks depending on the patients’ natural lash cycle.

Who is a good candidate?
This service is great for those who

  1. Don’t want the maintenance or cost of eyelash extensions.
  2. Want a more natural look.
  3. Want to wake up with perfectly curled lashes!

Recommended products?
Our medical aestheticians recommend Latisse or Revita Lash for maximum results!

lash lift patient
“I have had lash extensions many times and after receiving the lash lift I will never get extensions again. This was a safe and quick treatment. Being Asian my lashes are super fine and straight. The lash lift curled my lashes and made me feel amazing!” – Alyssa


lash lift patient
“I love how the lash lift made my beach vacation maintenance free! Went the whole week without makeup yet my lashes looked fabulous and I still looked put together.” – Katlyn


lash lift patient
“I love the lash lift. As soon as I had the treatment done, I had a family member ask me if I had lash extensions because of the visible difference. I proudly responded with no, it’s my natural lashes!” – Nicole


lash lift patient
“I cannot live without a lash lift. They are life changing. I’m constantly asked if I am wearing extensions and I’m not! Half the time I am not even wearing mascara. The lash lift is a game changer for a lazy, or busy, girl like me!” – Taylor


lash lift patient
“Being a mom, I like to keep my makeup routine as easy as possible, I don’t have time to spend curling my lashes, or putting on tons of mascara to make my lashes appear longer every day! Having a two-year-old who is always on the go, there is just no time for that. I love the lash lift because it makes my lashes look long and effortlessly beautiful! The aestheticians at Blue Water make the treatment so easy and comfortable to get, I know I can trust them to leave my lashes looking amazing!” – Haley


lash lift patient


lash lift patient


lash lift patient


lash lift patient

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