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Plastic Surgery News (May) 2004

From Facials to Facelifts: Are Spas the Environment

OrganizationFrom the May 2004 issue of Plastic Surgery News, the official publication of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Four medical spas across the country were profiled. Beverly Hills, New York City, Miami and Raleigh.

Kile Law, director of marketing for Blue Water Spa in Raleigh, N.C., opened the facility in December 2002 with her husband, ASPS member Michael Law, MD. Medical spas have become popular, she says, because they offer more substance than a typical day spa. “People are really busy. People don’t want fluff. They want to feel good and want to relax. But they also want to see results,” Law says.

And, many patients are not ready for the commitment or cost of major surgery. Less-drastic treatments appeal to a greater population. “A lot of times, people aren’t ready for surgery. But we always have something else we can provide for rejuvenation. There is no real commitment to saying, ‘I’ll come in a get a facial,'” Law says.

Kile Law credits the success of Blue Water Spa with having a plastic surgeon on staff to guide all treatment options. “We didn’t initially promote the medical spa concept, because I didn’t know how the community would react. We just promoted it as a ‘spa,’ ” she says. Now, she fully believes in promoting the clinical side. “I was worried that people would think that if it is medical and clinical, it would not be welcoming. But actually the more savvy clients are glad it’s medically related.”

Dr. Law started his practice in Beverly Hills and returned to his hometown of Raleigh to raise a family. Kile Law admits a “Beverly Hills” reputation has helped, but she notes, “We came here with no patients or clients.” Now, Dr. Law has a two- to three-month waiting period for surgery, and out of 30 consults, 25 choose some type of treatment, whether non-invasive or surgical.

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