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PRF Injections for the Face

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PRF injections are one of several non-invasive treatments that yield exceptional results. At Blue Water Spa we use non ablative lasers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, injectable fillers, and microneedling to create dermal injury to help stimulate collagen and elastin and wound repair.

Platelet rich fibrin, PRF, is the next generation of platelet rich plasma- PRP injections. PRF contains very high concentrations of fibrin and white blood cells that have been shown to provide rejuvenating effects for the skin.

PRF injections for Tear Troughs



PRF under eye injections use your body’s own plasma for regenerative anti-aging under eye filler, making it the most organic filler around. The platelet rich fibrin is injected into the tear trough to stimulate cell turnover, collagen production, and creating new blood vessels to reduce aging effects like sagging and dark circles under the eyes. PRF under eye injections improve under eye pigmentation as well as skin firmness, texture, and thickness. The high concentration of plasma and white blood cells in each patients’ own PRF are released much slower resulting in long lasting results. PRF under eyes injections vs dermal fillers provide natural results without puffiness or fluid retention.

PRF under eye injections of the tear trough yield beautiful natural results, especially when paired with other treatments or medical grade skin care. PRF under eye treatment can help the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, skin thickness, under eye hollowing, and correcting dark circles.

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PRF is derived from your own blood that we draw immediately before each treatment. Prior to a PRF treatment, blood is collected in the same fashion as any blood drawn into two to three 13 mL tubes. Next, the blood is placed into a specialized centrifuge which is designed to separate PRF from red blood cells. After centrifugation, PRF is drawn into a syringe. PRF is injected into areas of the face using a blunt cannula passed through tiny holes in the skin made with a small needle.

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The areas of the face that can be injected with PRF include but are not limited to: cheeks, temporal hollows, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, the jawline, chin, and scalp for hair regrowth. There is a narrow time window of approximately 15-20 minutes until the PRF turns into a gel-like consistency. The full procedure takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Video: Our presentation on PRF for Acne Scarring and Subcision was selected for The Annual ISPAN meeting. Watch it now.



PRF facial injections in Brier Creek are performed in a series of treatments spaced six to eight weeks apart. Initial volume enhancement will typically last one to three weeks, which will then dissipate. Long term effects such as collagen production, skin tightening, and enhanced skin quality may take up to three to four months to be noticed, and can last from six to 12 months. Improvement of scars is long-lasting. Visible improvement following PRF treatment is typically seen six weeks or more from the initial treatment. Deep lines and advanced wrinkling cannot be reversed.

PRF Injections vs Regular Facial Filler and Lip Filler

PRF injections are a more natural approach to facial rejuvenation. PRF uses your body’s own products to stimulate your body’s growth factors and collagen to fill in lines, boost your skin’s glow and help with discoloration in the under-eye area and tear troughs. Filler does the great job of filling in and volumizing the skin with an immediate result, where PRF is a slower progression and also helps with skin tone and texture. If a patient has an autoimmune disease or is not a candidate for hyaluronic acid filler they can go the route of PRF injections to the face vs filler.

PRF and Acne Subcision in Raleigh

When our Nurse Aesthetic Injectors do acne subcision they manually are breaking up the fibrous tissue that causes the pitting in the acne scarring. After doing this, since there is an opening in the skin we inject this opening with PRF, that contains growth factors and stem cells that sit there for about five to seven days and closes the pockets that were formed from the craters that were there and essentially speeds up healing time from the trauma of the subcision along with the tone and texture of the skin for maximum results.

Watch: Our Expert Nurse Injectors were Chosen to Give a Presentation on Acne Subcision and Scarring

The Vampire Facial at Blue Water Spa in Raleigh

These PRP anti-aging effects combined with medical microneedling, also referred to as “The Vampire Facial” by some patients, can enhance wound healing, collagen production, and skin elasticity. Patients normally seek this treatment to enhance facial soft tissue volume, and for the potential beneficial effects of increased production of collagen and elastin, the improvement of skin texture and thickness, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and the improvement of scar appearance. PRF initially acts as a temporary volumizer, however, the true advantage of PRF injections is the rejuvenation of skin quality. Patients may choose to have PRF injected alone or in combination with hyaluronic acid fillers.

What is the cost of PRF injections?

PRP injections for the face, now PRF injections at Blue Water Spa, require experienced and knowledgeable nurse injectors. This customized treatment depends on each patient’s specific needs and goals of their procedure. Oftentimes, clients will choose to combine different treatments to see the best results that are recommended for them by our aestheticians. To obtain the most accurate price for a procedure, a complimentary skincare consultation is required to learn more about each patient’s skin and needs and discuss the right treatment that will yield optimal results.

Why Blue Water Spa Chooses PRF vs PRP

PRP injections are obtained by doing a blood draw and then spinning it down in a centrifuge to yield red blood cells at the bottom and liquid gold platelets on top. This liquid gold is then put into syringes with blood thinner and reinjected into your face or used as a topical serum during microneedling procedures. The main difference between PRP and PRF is that the speed that they are spun down is at different rates, allowing PRF to not require the addition of a blood thinner. This is important because for PRF, when it’s spun down at a slower rate, it allows the red blood cells to go down to the bottom but it still gives time for the fibrin and the white blood cells to remain on top. The fibrin acts as a network where the platelet will become attached to the fibrin and then become activated for a period of about two weeks. For PRP itself, the activation without the fibrin was only about four to six hours, which gives good clinical results, but it does not give a longer amount of time that you would want to have your body process it.

When using PRF for facial rejuvenation there’s a couple of different methods that you can use. One really popular method is by having it used in the cannula underneath the skin so you get a volumization and you’re simulating collagen underneath it to give yourself a healthy glow. The other method of using PRF is by having it as a serum after microneedling. When you use PRF on top of your skin after microneedling as a serum, it allows the PRF to penetrate down into the skin and absorb, helping your skin texture and skin tone along with fine lines, acne scars, and wrinkles.


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