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Signature Facial in Raleigh NC

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina and serving patients in Virginia, South Carolina, and Nationwide

Our Signature Facial at Blue Water Spa is a meticulously crafted journey to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Treatments are tailored to each patient’s individual skin care needs, and is ideal for all skin types. This facial is an excellent treatment to start with, as the extra time allows your aesthetician to choose a customized exfoliation method for optimal results. All patients can benefit from this deep cleansing, anti-aging, and relaxing service.

About the Signature Facial

Signature Facial

This expertly designed treatment begins with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation process, carefully curated to stimulate cell renewal and promote collagen production. The result? Skin that feels remarkably smooth and renewed, exuding a radiant and youthful glow.

Your facial experience is taken to the next level with a soothing steam treatment, designed to activate an enzyme exfoliation specific to the face and neck. To ensure your comfort and minimize irritation, our skilled aesthetic professionals perform precise, light extractions to effectively clear any pore build-up.

One of the highlights of this exquisite treatment is our renowned facial lifting massage. This therapeutic massage targets trigger points, releases tension, and facilitates the drainage of excess fluids. The benefits are multi-fold, as this massage not only firms the skin but also enhances circulation, promoting the nourishment of skin cells. Additionally, it aids in the lymphatic system’s natural function, efficiently draining any surplus fluids from your face and neck, ultimately leaving your complexion noticeably firmer and brighter.

A custom masque is applied to nurture your skin, infusing it with a tailored blend of essential nutrients, ensuring that you leave BWS with a fresh, revitalized, and more radiant complexion.

Your treatment will conclude with a custom product application. Blue Water Spa chooses a variety of the safest and most effective medical-grade products. Based on your skin assessment and your home care routine, your aesthetician will use a custom combination of products that are most beneficial to your skin. These are applied while the skin is in its most receptive state for maximum penetration of these precious healing ingredients.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Skin Care Services

Do you offer skin care consultations?
For over 20 years, we have been adamant about offering complimentary, no-pressure consultations for all of our services. Your consultation is a time for you to discuss your current regimen with your provider, to learn about products and services that are available to assist you with reaching your aesthetic goals. Consultations at Blue Water Spa are not a sales-pitch. Not everyone is a candidate for treatment, and if you aren’t – we will tell you. Our Skin Care Specialists do not work on quotas or commission.

How can I get the best results from my treatment?
Skin care treatments are often most effective when performed as a series; consult with your aesthetician to determine the appropriate time for your next treatment.

The most effective way to protect your investment is to consistently utilize medical-grade physical sunscreen. Sunscreen should be worn daily, regardless of your skin color or whether you are spending a majority of your day indoors.

A well-rounded medical-grade skincare routine at home plays a crucial role in maximizing your skin’s potential. Skin care treatments are just the beginning of your skincare journey. The real transformation happens when you continue the momentum at home with medical-grade skincare products. Medical-grade skincare products are specially formulated with high-quality ingredients that have undergone rigorous testing. These products are designed to complement and enhance the results of your professional treatments. They work tirelessly to maintain your skin’s health, address concerns, and ensure long-lasting results. We provide complimentary skin care consultations to assess your current skincare routine and help you optimize your daily skincare regimen. Remember, the care you provide for your skin daily is the key to maximizing your aesthetic treatment results.

How many sessions are required to see results?
While some people may see a significant change after one treatment, many clients require a series of treatments to correct their areas of concern, and regular services for maintenance. Home care products will play a major role in the condition of your skin and amplify the results of each service.

Can I upgrade my Signature Facial?
In addition to our Signature Facial, we also offer the Luxe Facial. The Luxe tier offers additional massage enhancement for the ultimate relaxation.

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