Tattoo Removal at Blue Water Spa in Raleigh, NC
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Tattoo Removal at Blue Water Spa

Tattoo Removal at Blue Water Spa

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Laser Tattoo Removal is life changing for individuals seeking tattoo removal on any area of the body. Blue Water Spa is proud to utilize the only laser that uses three different wavelengths to eliminate all colors of the color spectrum on all skin types. Blue Water Spa offers customized treatment plans as some patients opt to have complete removal of their tattoo, while others would like to remove select areas or colors of their tattoo. The FDA approved technology produces an intense burst of light energy that fragments and removes tattoo ink selectively without harming surrounding tissue.

How it Works
Tattoos are created by embedding ink in cells in the top layer of skin. At Blue Water Spa, we utilize lasers that can penetrate deep into the skin. The energy breaks up the tattoo ink in the skin so it can easily be eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system. During the treatment the PicoWay® handpiece delivers energy with a highly precise, high-power laser in extremely short pulses to target ink particles with great impact. These pulses shatter the tattoo ink into minuscule particles, making it easier for the body to carry away and clear the tattoo, requiring few treatments.

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