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Trap Tox really works. It is a treatment that relieves muscular stress and tension by injecting Botox or another neurotoxin into the ‘traps’, or trapezius muscles. The trapezius muscles stabilize the shoulder blades and help to stabilize and extend the neck. When, Dysport, Daxxify or another neurotoxin is injected along the upper border of this muscle, between the neck and shoulder, it is referred to as ‘Trap Tox’.

If you’re constantly having pain and tightness between your neck and shoulders, then having Botox or another neurotoxin injected into the trapezius muscles can truly transform the way you feel. It can significantly minimize – and in some cases completely eliminate – pain in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Botox in your trapezius muscles, aka Trap Tox, is one of the best treatments for stress. This is especially true if you’re constantly holding your tension in one or both shoulders or at the base of your neck, as so many of us do.

When Botox or any neuromodulator is expertly injected into the trapezius muscles, a person who holds a lot of tension in their neck and shoulder area can find dramatic relief. Botox can also be injected into the forehead, the temple area, the base of the scalp and the upper aspect of the back of the neck to relieve tension and, in some people, to prevent migraine headaches.
Botox also works well for neck muscle spasm, sometimes referred to as ‘cervical dystonia’. When neck muscles go into spasm and the neck becomes hunched to one side, Botox can break the spasm, relieve pain and restore normal head posture.

Barbie Botox or Swan Tox

A very positive cosmetic effect discovered in people receiving Trap Tox is that relaxing the over-active trapezius muscles not only provides stress relief, but it can also provide a more feminine and delicate appearance to the neckline and shoulders, and it can even create the appearance of an elongated neck. This new treatment has been dubbed ‘Barbie Botox’, as it evokes the appearance of Barbie’s impossibly long and slender neck.

While Trap Tox does not actually lengthen the neck, the look of a more slender neck can be a desirable outcome for some, as it makes the face, neck, and profile appear more elongated, elegant and refined.

Trap Tox has been used for many years for functional issues such as an overactive and painful trapezius. Only recently has ‘Trap Tox’ or ‘Barbie Tox’ gained popularity. As with any medical procedure, it is important to know who is performing your injection treatment and, as importantly, who provides their training as well as their medical support and guidance. Look for a practice where the nurse injectors are supported by an on-site, board-certified plastic surgeon.

How Does TrapTox Work?
TrapTox is a procedure using a neuromodulator like Botox or Dysport to selectively relax muscles in the shoulder region. By injecting Botox into the trapezous muscles, a TrapTox treatment can reduce the prominence of shoulder muscles. As a result, muscle tension and pain can be reduced or eliminated.

What is the difference in TrapTox and BarbieTox?

TrapTox was designed to reduce pain, tension and stiffness in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Another result is a more refined and elegant appearance to the neck and upper shoulder area

Does TrapTox actually lengthen the neck?

TrapTox does not lengthen the neck. But, by reducing prominence of the trapezius muscles that can sometimes protrude or bulge, the neck can look longer, more feminine and more elegant, by flattening some of those muscles. That appearance has earned this procedure the nickname BarbieTox or Swan NeckTo

How long does TrapTox last?

There are many factors involved in the longevity of TrapTox, or any procedure using a neurotoxin. One is how significant is the issue? people with stronger, denser muscles may need more product used, or they may experience less longevity than those without more significant muscle definition. next is the product used. Botox, Dysport, Daxxify and Xeomin all have different properties with some products lasting longer than others.

How do I find the best provider of TrapTox?

The single most important factor is not the product, but who is administering the treatment. Medical professionals, with extensive training in working with neuromodulators will likely have the most expertise and therefore will administer the treatment most successfully. Ideally, the treatment will be performed in a physician’s office and the treatment will be performed by a physician or under the direct supervision of a physician who has trained all providers personally

Does TrapTox Improve Posture?

When we are experiencing stress in the neck and shoulders, our shoulders can rise up, nearing the ears. When we take a breath, and lower our shoulders, we naturally sit or stand a bit taller. By reducing the prominence of the trapezius muscles, TrapTox can make a person feel like they are standing taller and as though they have better posture

Can Trap Tox be performed on one side only?

Absolutely. Most people end up with stiff necks, aka ‘tech neck” from looking down at a computer much of the day. Different jobs, or life activities may build tension on one side more than another. Parents of newborns or young children, for example, may have more tension on one side than the other. In this case, TrapTox performed on one side only can provide relief and an aesthetic improvement

Can Trap Tox be Permanent?

At the moment, there is no permanent solution, but one can feel ongoing relief from shoulder and neck pain. if after Trap Tox, you feel relief from the tension and strain in your neck and shoulders, return to your plastic surgeon’s office for more TrapTox and you may have ongoing relief

Are There Alternatives to TrapTox

Yes, although most people who elect to have a TrapTox treatment have already tried using better posture, taking breaks from technology, using ergonomically friendly devices and work stations, and reducing stress from their lives. It seems that overworked trapezius muscles are often a side effect of our modern world.

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