Raleigh Spa Services For Men - Facials and Laser Hair Removal
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spa services for men

Services for Men

Choose a spa gift for a man the same way you would for a woman: what issues does he need to address?  Rough skin?  Sore muscles?  Hair in places he'd prefer to be smooth? You know what we can do for each of these, but he may not.

These are some of our most popular spa treatment options for men:

Mans' Facial

Don’t let him imagine a towel on his head, and cucumbers on his eyes! Think of a clean deeper than he’ll ever get with a bar of soap, a scrub to take off dead skin that can make him look ashen, a facial massage to relax him, and the right products to help him look healthier. We’re confident that once he’s had the Man’s Facial, he’ll think of spas in a whole new way.

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Man’s Laser Hair Removal

The back of his neck? His back and shoulders? We can take care of unwanted hair practically anywhere, with safe and virtually painless ‘lunchtime’ laser treatments.

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Spa Gift Certificates for Men

Every man wants to be taken care of. Stress relief, pampering and rejuvenation are something everyone, including men crave. Day spa gift certificates are becoming more and more popular with men, and it is no wonder. Computers, cell phones and other advancements designed to make life easier can actually mean that it can be more difficult to leave business stress at the office. Men are asking for stress-relief, and spas like Blue Water Spa of Raleigh, NC, are listening. Gone are the days that a man would walk into a spa and there would be looks of shock from other guests. At Blue Water Spa, men make up approximately 40% of the clientele. Men are often introduced to the spa when a man’s wife or girlfriend purchases him a gift certificate. Other times, men can come in looking for the perfect gift for the lady in their life and find that they, too, could benefit from many of the spas offerings.

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