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Don’t Let Sweat Ruin Your Wardrobe

Don't Sweat

Tired of sweat being your #1 wardrobe malfunction? Excessive sweating can be problematic for clothing and confidence when sweat marks cannot be hidden. For some people, antiperspirants offer little relief and deodorants only mask the problem without an actual solution. If prescription antiperspirants still aren’t solving this issue, there is another alternative to worry less about excessive perspiration.

BOTOX® for hyperhidrosis in the underarms, or underarm sweating, is a great treatment for people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. BOTOX® is a protein complex that interferes with muscle contraction. It temporarily blocks nerve stimulation of muscles where it is injected, so that muscle contraction is weakened or inhibited. While BOTOX® has been safely used for many years to treat spasms of the muscles that move the eye (strabismus) and uncontrollable blinking (blepharospasm) it has also become a solution for those suffering from excessive sweating.

How Effective is BOTOX® for Hyperhidrosis

For people who suffer from excessive sweating underarms, not all antiperspirants work. Not only that, but some places cannot be remedied with a topical antiperspirant like sweaty palms. The want to apply more often can often irritate the skin, resulting in skin issues and the ability to apply any topical sweat resistance whatsoever. Topical treatments like antiperspirants are also a daily task and do not offer any long term results. The sweating can still persist and fluctuate in intensity, and the self-conscious feelings remain daily.

Deodorants are not made to reduce sweating at all. The purpose of topical deodorants is to simply deodorize the skin to smell fresh. Because not all sweat smells, sweat creates an odor when it meets bacteria on the skin, many people who do not sweat often only need a deodorant to keep sweaty smells at bay. For an excessive sweater, a simple deodorant without perspiration protection can make the under arms even more uncomfortable feeling the moisture.

BOTOX® for Sweating Underarms

Excessive sweating from hyperhidrosis is not always brought on from rigorous activity. Those suffering from hyperhidrosis often sweat excessively unprompted, resulting in visible signs of sweat. Things like sweat marked clothing and sweaty palms can be embarrassing and often cause social anxiety. The want to cover up more only encourages the problem to overheat and sweat more wanting to cool the body down.

BOTOX® for hyperhidrosis works by blocking the nerves that activate the sweat glands. The BOTOX® will fully kick in 2 weeks after injection and normally lasts 3 to 6 months. This treatment is life changing for many people and is also greatfor the hot summer months. The biggest takeaway of all? You can relax and enjoy the hot summer days without sweaty armpits getting in the way.


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