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The Top 10 Areas for Laser Hair Removal for Women (You’ll Never Believe #3)

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Laser hair removal Areas

At Blue Water Spa, our laser technicians perform laser hair removal in Raleigh all day, every day, everywhere. It is not uncommon for patients to feel embarrassed asking to have some areas lasered. They think they have an unusual issue. The truth is unwanted hair – in ANY area – isn’t unusual. If you have ever felt unwelcome talking about unwanted hair, you have found your home at the Raleigh Laser Hair Removal Center at Blue Water Spa!

Almost every woman has unwanted hair on her face, around her areolas, on the abdomen, and on the hands and feet. Men have hair on their nose, ears, and neck that can cause ingrown hair and irritation. Both men and women have unwanted hair in their intimate areas, specifically in the peri-anal area.

Where to Get Laser Hair Removal in Raleigh

Our nursing professionals will provide a consultation prior to treatment that will include reviewing a diagram of the face and body. The discussion about hair you want removed takes place while you are fully clothed. We will confirm exactly what hair you want removed and expectations specifically for your treatment. While the treatments are quick and easy, the amount of treatments needed varies from patient to patient based on your own unique skin and hair type. Our providers are always mindful of privacy, and you are draped for discretion and comfort.

Most clients feel comfortable asking for hair removal of the underarms, legs, back, and bikini area. Surprisingly to some, other areas of the face and body area are actually the source of more concern. If you’ve been putting off laser hair removal, we hope to put your mind at ease as a Medical Spa owned and operated by an accredited plastic surgeon who practices onsite. You will be in extensively trained and caring hands to experience treatments that can be life-changing and make every day easier.

Laser Hair Removal on Buttocks, Nipples, and Other Areas Made the List

  1. Toes: it’s the pedicure flex for us.
  2. Nose: because who wants to get caught in the mirror doing this!?
  3. Areolas: not talked about, but you need it if after you hear it right?
  4. Below Belly Button: the “happy trail” that doesn’t make you so happy.
  5. Buttocks: a luxury we don’t want to be without.
  6. Hands / Fingers: feel like a hand model all the time, because why shouldn’t you?
  7. Full Face: get a glow with makeup that always applies so smooth!
  8. Peri-Anal: the full Brazilian treatment is more common than you think.
  9. Chest: yes, this is our top 10 list for women!
  10. Forearms: save the shower time and stop shaving your arms once and for all.

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